Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bunch of photos

Gigi had her ECG on Friday and it went well.  Dropped her off around 2 and picked her up around 6:30.  Doc said her little heart is about the same as last year, so no med.  And that's good news.  When my girlie is healthy, I am happy.  And now I am brooooooooooke.  And I spent $60 at Central Market.  What?  I got a lot of cool  grocery.  Bought $17 worth of grapes.  Yikes.  Lots of Asian stuff.

 photo IMG_5065_zps393ea190.jpg
Selfie with the Gi.

 photo IMG_5070_zps9cb315a0.jpg
This is part of her yawn.  LOL

 photo IMG_5075_zpsaefeea87.jpg
My 2 dogs... Gigi and Kiki.

 photo IMG_5084_zps0f25c83a.jpg
More selfie.  She still hates it.

 photo IMG_5139_zps566338e2.jpg
Enjoying the sun.  Just gave her a shower, hence the total nakedness.  She is so cute.  Her coloring is so great.  Many different shades.  Looks like she has highlight.

 photo IMG_5140_zps0ef4b7f2.jpg
Matching squinty eyes. :D

I am watching Fifty Shades of Grey.  Not done yet.  Not  sure how I think  about it. I have read the entire series.  I do enjoy the books  though.   Books are usually better than the movies.    Then sometimes they are like 2 different entities. :)