Monday, May 18, 2015

Lovely weekend

The weekend was not bad at all.  I am thankful for that.  My eczema is still bad.  I am trying something new that I got from Whole Food yesterday, I will post more when I experience it a bit more.  But so far, it seems to be working ok.

 photo IMG_5348_zps4abf128b.jpg

 photo IMG_5349_zps4584ba21.jpg
Some selfies from last week. We have been doing good to take some selfies everyday, though that does not make it easier for Gigi. LOL. She still hates it.

 photo IMG_5366_zps32b9b479.jpg
Mail over the weekend. I finally got my You Are Beautiful goodies.  It is a good message and I love it. I got a You Are Beautiful Badge (not pictured) that comes with stickers (as pictured) and then I got the "language pack" with traditional Chinese.  So neat.  I love it.

 photo IMG_5376_zps964d4495.jpg
More mail. My Lush lip scrub is running low and this gives me an excuse to get some new one from Blue Box Balm.

 photo IMG_5370_zps030caea8.jpg
Finally got my reel push mower. :) I got a Scotts 16 inch walk behind push reel lawn mower on Friday.  My colleague was kind enough to come over on Saturday to cut my lawn down, so I can use the push mower.  The mower was relatively easy to put together (no tools required!) and I test drove it a bit and it was fabulous.  I am excited!  I sort of like doing yard work.  My yard is still far from lush and perfect, but I am still liking it.

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Yet MORE selfies!  This one is from this morning.:)

And I have been breaking out a lot too.  Why????????????????  My skin (besides eczema) has been quite clear for a long time, so it shocked me to get big zits with white heads. Gah.