Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial weekend

Weekend came and gone.  I wish it was slightly longer.  It was ok.

Let me recall everyday, or I don't remember anything at all.  Ha.  Saturday was uneventful?  I don't remember what I have done.  Nothing special, I guess.

Then Sunday morning I went to Starbucks in the morning.  Guess what?  I have became a receiver from a RAOK.  The big white truck in front of me pay for my drink and food!  I was beyond shocked.  As I have been kind of low (again!).  That was powerful to me.  So I am waiting for my turn to pass it on.  Yay.

 photo IMG_5484_zps8c20e641.jpg

I think I went to Walmart the same day or Saturday to get some Cetaphil, because I bought the wrong kind! I bought the face wash by mistake, so I need to get the "regular" one. Anyway, I saw the Rimmel lip balm and I bought 2. Yea, because I don't have enough lippies. ;/

 photo IMG_5489_zps369118b4.jpg

 photo IMG_5487_zpsdd5c7e2a.jpg

In the evening we went to a friend's house (not my friends),they have 2 pugs. The girl (Roxy) always dislike Gigi, so I have to protect my girl (as she can be quite clueless and have been "attacked" by Roxy at least once!). Turns out everyone were behaving (though Gigi did #1 and 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the house). There was also a shih tzu there too! But Gigi mostly behaved very well. I am proud of my dachshund. :D

 photo IMG_5543_zpsafec8ab7.jpg

 photo IMG_5541_zpsb3255fd8.jpg
Why look at the camera when you can look at else where???

 photo IMG_5542_zps59a92e10.jpg
Can she be any cuter???????????????????????????

 photo IMG_5548_zps5b226947.jpg

I think I may have found my new remove-it-all cleanser (on top or besides of Cetaphil). Yay. I used it for around 3 days now and my skin is not reacting to it at all. Unlike Fresh, which I reacted the very next day (used it at night and itchy and blotchy by the next morning).  This is for "All types of intolerant skin"! :D  It is kind an upgrade of the Cetaphil.

 photo IMG_5546_zps4e01c5cd.jpg
And this too. :(  And I sort of realized that one of my problems is that I hold on to grudges.  So the lesson is letting go.  A while ago I bought Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender recommended by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I now know why I have bought it.  Just started reading it, so I am excited.  I try to switch from reading fiction to non fiction from time to time.