Monday, May 11, 2015

This weekend 20150509-20150510

It was productive... sort of.  I missed my neighbor on Saturday.  He came and mow the lawn of his rental and I hope to catch him and have him do mine too (for a fee, of course), but I want to take Gigi to have her nails trimmed and left around 10 and when I came back, of course he came and gone.  Damn.  Gigi did have her nails trimmed, her bum squeezed and I also bought her food (10 lbs of Force from Honest Kitchen with a $20 off coupon).

Went to watch Avengers Age of Ultron. Loved it.  I love Avengers (as a group), but love Iron Man the best if it comes to individual.  Went to the morning show at 9:30, it didn't start until like 10 with previews and commercials etc.  It was almost full.  Among the previews, I want to see Ant-Man, Pixels and Jurrasic World.  But I probably won't go to the theatre.  Ha.  Anyway, the movie was long, but good, I love the humor elements in there.  And there is romance.  Piper is not in the movie.  Nor is Jane.  But new people were introduced... sort of surprise.  I will totally buy the DVD.  The storyline itself included lots of fights and explosion and the theme is kind of scary, but not unheard of.  I just have to remind myself IT IS ONLY A MOVIE.  I enjoy it a lot.  Oh and I want world peace. ;)

 photo IMG_5238_zps4d481555.jpg
Her eyes. :)  How can you not love her?

 photo IMG_5247_zps894737b0.jpg
Selfie from Friday 5/8/15.

 photo IMG_5317_zps4a704702.jpg
You can see she totally looking away deliberately.  Haha.

 photo IMG_5301_zpsd7e249dc.jpg

 photo IMG_5306_zps923bbf10.jpg
Choose goooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

 photo IMG_5307_zpsc114e652.jpg

 photo IMG_5315_zps8071cd82.jpg
My sock holder or is it a wig for Gigi?

Also can I mention this red girl is a broccoli freak?  I just have to say the word, she is all alert.  Or when I take the bag out from the microwave, she came RUNNING.  LOL.