Monday, May 4, 2015


The weekend was fine.  Nothing too special.  I did went to the mall yesterday and bought a new purse and a new pair of sunglasses from H&M.  I do not like H&M, but their non clothes stuff is not bad.  Ha.

 photo IMG_5164_zps7db67708.jpg
Went to get gas and some iced tea in the evening. She didn't like to have her pics taken.

 photo IMG_5172_zpsc94783ce.jpg
Back when I was first introduced to Dr. Wayne Dyer (then LOA). It was from his Power of Intention PBS show.

 photo IMG_5142_zps0f6bd1ad.jpg
The Starbucks in HK is celebrating their 15th anniversary(I think) and they have this lovely tote. So I asked my mom to see if she an get it for me. :) I am a bag lady. :D

I have a migraine last night and still have a remaining one today. Headache of any sort is not fun at all.