Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Went to a new dermatologist doctor today.  I was going to, but finally I was like why not.  Plus I have a good amount of HSA money.  I arrived 15 minutes as suggested and have no problem finding the place (thank God).

The doctor was very nice.  She listened to me and gave me suggestions and did a skin check for me.  I was so stupid, I have to changed into one of those gown, but I wore it front side back.  LOL.  How am I suppose to know.  Anyway, she did a culture on my hands, because I did a bit damage to it and she think it could be bacterial infection.  She suggested CeraVe cream and a Dove moisturizing soap (from her description, it's a liquid) and also CeraVe Therapeutic hand cream too. She said to stay away from soap.  And she is giving me a prescription of steroid (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and a shampoo.  I am not sure what my next step is.  Maybe I will try the steroid again or not.

For my current routine, I only use natural soap or MetaDerm wash and I use plenty of MetaDerm cream or sometimes other cream on the market.  I know the importance of keeping my skin moisturized.  And I also know Eczema can't be cured, but only managed.

As for my prescription:
Lidex ointment.
Nizoral 2% shampoo

But overall my skin is ok.

 photo IMG_5846_zps6c2e7c53.jpg
These are my prescription.  I am not sure (still debating) on whether to use them. And they are not cheap at all.

I actually have my own "blend" of shampoo that works quite well for me, so I do not need this necessarily.