Tuesday, June 9, 2015


It has been so hot this past couple days.  Gah.  You know it's hot when Gigi is drinking more water and she lay flat on the floor. :)  She is so cute though.  And also fortunately it eventually gets cooler in the evening and the outside is cooler than inside the house.

I did some yard work again (!) yesterday.  I actually enjoyed it a bit, though the yard is still not pretty.  Ha.  I mowed right after I got home, because if I didn't do it then, who knows when I would do it.  And the roommate got home and maybe she felt guilty or something and offered to do it.  I only let her do the little strip and she did part of the neighbor's.  And I told her no.  She is clueless.

 photo IMG_5836_zps81cc92b6.jpg
Too hot to do anything.  She is too cute for her own good.

 photo IMG_5837_zps610ea1d8.jpg
Her grandpa took her for a walk in the evening. :)  I am glad she is not the regular red, otherwise I'd think she would get more white/frosty.

Yesterday's Jesus Calling is all about not to worry and I find that it is such a great message. These are the regular version and the kid version.

 photo IMG_5829_zpscccc6ea1.jpg

 photo IMG_5833_zpsfb56809c.jpg

 photo IMG_5834_zps35f9ec75.jpg
And then this one too. So great!

So life is good, all is well.