Friday, June 19, 2015


I was able to go to bed around 9 last night.  Yay.

Woke up this morning with my throat feeling funny though.  Had a cup of Emergen-C this morning and will have another one later.  Meh.
Still taking my antibiotics, just a few more days to go and I am done!
My intention is to be whole physically and mentally.

 photo IMG_6065_zps024e7a61.jpg
This is my old Coach wristlet which I bought from the outlet for under $25 and my NEW adorable Coach X Peanuts Snoopy hangtag. :D I love it.  I went to their website as soon as I knew they have a collaboration and was lucky enough to get this snoopy one (which I don't see on their site any more).  The chain is a bit long and I don't really like these ball chains, so I need to think of something.
And the hangtag came in a super adorable packaging.  I love it so much. :)  Totally worth the $20!

 photo IMG_6043_zps1ec3a9ce.jpg
Just me and the Gi.