Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More on bandanas

So I digged out all of Gigi's bandanas the day after we received her new one.  She got quite a large collection.  A lot of them she received from the groomer and I bought her a bunch and some she got as gifts from other places.

Last night we had a photoshoot of her trying each and every one of them.  Well most of them.  Some are actually a bit too small.  She was a very very good sport in just sitting there and let me put it on and take it off one by one.  She did rolled over a few times but mostly she was very helpful.  I did told her she would get a treat (and I pointed to her where the treats are).  So here are various pics.  You can click on it and see a bigger version of it, I think.

 photo IMG_6204_zps1d833d71.jpg

 photo IMG_6205_zps4834e97f.jpg

 photo IMG_6215_zpsdd9d1051.jpg