Thursday, June 4, 2015

Over the hump

We are over the hump now.

Even though there are annoying things going on, but I am feeling better because of Touch Mi Concert and Love Generation (the special edition).  You will probably not know what I am talking about, but it is totally ok.  Just know that they make me happy.

Bought a new lipstick yesterday.  Bite Beauty Zin.  Bought 1 for my mom too.  It's like a berry color.

 photo IMG_5704_zps05fd31b4.jpg

This is Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick in Zin.  The color looks a bit darker than I thought.  It's not super pigmented, but it is nice.  It is sort of a berry shade.

 photo IMG_5688_zps6da5e8b2.jpg
My new Saltwater sandals. I love it already. This weekend is supposed to be 80 degrees (bleh), so this will be helpful.

 photo IMG_5683_zps05144344.jpg

 photo IMG_5694_zps614af021.jpg
A better pic of the dork. LOL.