Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Reflection from an IG post

I am on the edge of exploding.  Almost.  I figured I am a super sensitive person (emotionally and my skin too. Ha!) that sometimes have a tough time handling changes. I like changes, but sometimes (depends on the matter) it takes a bit longer for me to get used to it.  And I am also working on my Me time or Quiet time (haven't find the perfect term for it).  I am doing a bit more, but not enough IMO.  So I am evaluating that.

So I was on Instagram and saw a pic with the following saying:
be happy
List 10 things that make you happy.

And I figure I would do just that.  I have been good in writing in my gratitude journal (part of my "me time" activity.  I am a firm believer in being grateful, so THERE.

In no particular order...

  1. God.  I know I may not "feel" Him all the time, but I know He is there for me no matter what.  And it maybe in ways that are not what I am expecting.  Because His plans and ways are bigger than me.  I just have to have faith in Him.
  2. Gigi.  She is the bestest little girl that is perfect for ME.  I thank God everyday for pairing us together.  She is patience.  She is forgiving.  She is loving.  She is adorable.
  3. Family.  I do not have to like them to love them.  I am not a good person either.  I am deeply flawed.  But God put us in a family for a reason.  I do not have to know the reason.  But I am thankful for my family.  They are good to me.
  4. This job.  This seriously is the best work place I have so far in my life.  I am once again amazed at how God put me here.  (Have I ever shared the story?)  The people here are nice.  My boss cares about me and really want to help me.  My coworkers are pretty amazing too.  And my colleagues are cool as well.
  5. Lippies.  Lip balms and lipsticks and lip products will always be my most favorite beauty products.  They can range from super affordable to super fancy/expensive.  I love a new fresh tube of lippie.
  6. Toys.  My iPhone, iPad, Kindle etc.  They are useful and fun.  I love watching videos/movies on my iPad (I think I named it Paddington.  LOL.).  Or reading books on them.  Or listening to music.  So practical and useful.
  7. Food.  I love to eat. Sometimes I feel like I live to eat rather than eat to live.
  8. Car.  I love my Echo.  I got it since 2002.  It is a trusty little thing and the best is that it is paid off.  And it is silver!
  9. Friends.  I am sad to say I  feel like I do not have a lot.  I have isolated myself so much that I do not know any more.  I feel like I have depression (as in the "sickness", not just "I am feeling depressed").  But I thank all my friends that I made in real life or on the net.  And the ex that I had.  I am sorry for all my wrong doings and thank you for the lessons I got from you.
  10. Music.  SMAP-I have loved you guys for almost 20 years, you are the best.  Sammi, Joey and everyone who is/was on my iPod... thank you for your creativity and talent.  A lot of songs encourages me; makes me happy or are just plain cool.  Love you all.

That's my thankful list for now. :)

[Ok, oops.  It is supposed to be a happy list, not so much gratitude list... I will redo...]

Happy List in no particular order:

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