Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Yesterday was hot.  I turned on AC and all that in the car, but it was not cool enough or I was just dehydrated.  I actually felt sick when I got home.  Gigi greeted me by yawning REALLY loud, that's what she does when she wants you to know she is there. :)

 photo IMG_5861_zpsd259310f.jpg

Selfie from this morning. :)

And some fun and positivity for you.

 photo IMG_5842_zps2dca6b76.png
Yes to this.

 photo IMG_5840_zpsbc8430d4.jpg
Super yes to this!

I met my goal on my fitbit yesterday.  For the last couple hundred "steps", I did it with my arm.  LOL.

I am happy that it is Wednesday.  It has been a long week.