Thursday, July 30, 2015

Friday Eve

It is finally Thursday.  This week seems so long again.  And today supposedly is another hot day.  Meh.

Today I am going to spend time with Gigi. I have been kind of "neglecting" her.  So I am going to spend some time tonight with her.  Just me and her rough housing or playing the "quick quick" game.  Anything that she likes.  She is such a good girl though.  I am one lucky human.

 photo IMG_6897_zpsc99645a7.jpg

I have been watching Rizzoli & Isles.  I am also going to read the books too.  So many books to read.  I am reading Detective Conan (finally got the books in order)... and there are a few books I also want to read that are already on my Kindle app.  Annnnnnnnnnnnnd the eczema book(s) I got.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I am interested in a Silhouette machine.  It's a digital cutter.  And before I firm it, I want to get this book to read more about it.  I want to make stickers.   I love stickers.  I also know that I do not currently (officially) have a printer, but that is easy.  If I am getting those, I will be reorganizing my office a bit (which is not difficult).  The office... part of it is kind of messy ON PURPOSE.  Because my father is trying to invade my space, if my stuff is "everywhere", then he can't (as easily) claim it.  So my desk is covered with stuff (again deliberately).  We shall see. :)

OH and my hands are doing baaaaaaaaaaaaad.  My feet are kind of itchy too.  It sucks.