Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Happy Wednesday.  Gigi is doing great.  She is quite frosty lately, but she is still energetic and cute as always.  And I love her so much.

 photo IMG_6781_zps42fa219c.jpg
I will be doing a doggie/Gigi spread on my planner. Yup. :) I am not a crazy decorator.  I do use some stickers.  All I want is for my planner to be helpful to me and the bonus is that it looks pretty.  Functional is more important to me.  So I bought some clip arts and made it into stickers.  Yay.  The stickers are small (3/4"), so a lot of the details are missed.  But what can you do?  Still cute though.  This was just a test print on paper.

 photo IMG_6785_zps82f23ea4.png

 photo IMG_6791_zps8f003243.jpg
That was from yesterday and you can see she was not overly excited about the photoshoot.