Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hump Day

I have been on a planner kick (and sticker kick), so I have been ordering like I just hit the jackpot.  The review is here.  I will keep updating that post.  It seems easier to keep everything in one post.

I have been so tired/sleepy.  Arg.  In the morning, both me and Gigi have hard time getting up.  Usually she is very fast, but not lately.  LOL.

Had my performance review yesterday.  It went well.  I am happy.  This by far is the best work place (for me).  I am so thankful.

 photo IMG_6872_zps12699e98.jpg
 A photo I have found online (gobihong on instagram) on things one should avoid for eczema.  I am going to try to incorporate it.  I had a mental list from back then too.  And the list is somewhat similar.

 photo 2a34c2e9-ea0b-45a7-a21f-3aa2ce88bc50_zps3cgbccin.jpg
This is from yesterday. Wanted to test out the stamp. Cute.

 photo IMG_6889_zps72146e88.jpg
This will always be my favorite drawing of Gigi. :) Look just like my girlie.  I ordered a custom sticker sheet from PlannerChick with this drawing. Yay! I could use the round stickers, but I like a kiss cut one. And I still want a digital cutter!