Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Humpity Hump

Hump day again.

How are you?  I am doing good.  Planning and tracking with my EC planner. :)  So much I can track because I can and that help to make me accountable.  Might as well use the planner to its max.

Skin is not doing so good.  Hands are slowly getting better, but not completely.  My legs are not doing so good especially the top of my feet.

 photo IMG_6678_zps7b5b28a5.jpg
The little dork from this morning.  We took a few selfies together, though she did it reluctantly. ;)  She didn't realize she is very cute.

 photo IMG_6684_zpsee5ad23a.jpg
Painted my nails last night. This is part 1.  KB Shimmer PT Young Thing.  A very opaque silver holographic nail polish.  That's 2 coats. 

 photo IMG_6688_zps5df18252.jpg

 photo IMG_6693_zps55a4e3fe.jpg

I did part 2 after dinner.  I did a SMAP inspired nails.  I just put dots on my nails that's all. :)  Will try to take a better pic of the nails in the sun later today.  My dotting skill is still kinda meh, and I am working on it.  Maybe I need to be content to my "not very round" dots as "rustic" or "organic". ;)

What I used:
Base coat:  OPI Nail Envy-2 coats
Base color:  KB Shimmer PT Young Thing-2 coat
Top color:  various polish from Cult Nails for the dots
Top coat:  NYC in a New York Color Minute Nail Polish in Grand Central Station.-2 coats

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