Monday, July 27, 2015

Planner stuff

I have decided to use this post to do some reviews sort of stuff and some planner related information.  Why not?  Happy Friday.

I have been a sticker collector for a few decades. Yes, I said decades.  Anyone remember those cool laser stickers (that is holo-ish and 3-D???)? How about those scratch and sniff?  And the puffy stickers?  Suzy Zoo?  Mrs. Grossman?  Back then I collect them just because they are cute.  I collect them to look at and if I want to use them, either I use them sparingly or I buy 2 sheets (1 for safe keeping, 1 to use).  Anyone who can understand me?  Anyway, now that the planner stuff is so hot and stickers have became a hot commodity.  At least some of the stickers are functional, other than "just" being pretty.  I am on board!

 photo b7323160-0462-4506-858b-0c8a8ef4d4e9_zpspuvmeky7.jpg
Bought some Scribble Printables the other days.  Planning to use them for some future spreads.  I am still not good with decorating, so we shall see.

 photo 7498b5e3-7297-4655-8d4a-15e10a3603a3_zpscdnj1egj.jpg
Yesterday was National Hot Dog Day, so I have to put that on my planner. ;)  That sticker is made by me.  And by "made", I mean slapping the graphic into the template.  The silhouette is Gigi. :)  When she was still skinny.

 photo IMG_6809_zpsbff197ac.jpg
Speaking of making stickers (dangerous combination for me). I "made" this sheet full of dachshunds!  I used to be a sticker collector, so this is like going back to childhood.  They are just 3/4" round removable stickers.  Nothing fancy, but oh so cute.

Ok, by now I have ordered from a handful of shops.  Here are some initial reviews.

My favorite shop so far has to be PlannerChickDesigns.  Fast shipping and lots of choices. I really like them.  I have ordered 3 times from them so far.  She also uses removable stickers.  Glad I found her.  She even has a church kit!
 photo IMG_6822_zps3aaefe88.jpg

ScribblePrintsCo is a cult favorite and I like them too.  They uses glossy paper, which is usually not my choice of sticker, but I like it.  I have ordered twice.  Haven't receive my 2nd order yet.  Ordered once from her printable shop.  No complain there.
 photo IMG_6877_zpsb1b527d5.jpg

--ordered twice. Wait is long, but her stickers are nice and I really enjoy my August mystery kit.
 photo IMG_6715_zpsa1b50fa2.jpg

--Long wait, print quality is not as crisp as I'd like.
 photo IMG_6761_zpsfdbdcaf5.jpg

Libbieandco--Long wait. Stickers are quite nice, that comes in your regular paper size.
SweetKawaiiDesign--Stickers are kawaii, but I do not like cut edge. The stickers are lifted (some of them are) on the edge.

Vintage Gypsy Road--long wait.  I bought the dachshund kit.  The dachshund does not really look like a dachshund.  LOL.  Oh well.
 photo IMG_6868_zps9bf1d1d0.jpg

OhSoFawn.  These are hand drawn, quite whimsical.The wait is also kinda long.  I bought some dachshunds too. :)  They look more like doxies.
 photo IMG_6863_zps4ad03cef.jpg

Post drafted on 7/24/15. I will update more photos etc when I have received them.