Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Be positive

Today is only Tuesday.  I have to admit that this week is going kinda slow.  And I am still blah.  Dang, I have been feeling that for way too long and it is not cool.  And I read this and it speaks to me.  I can choose my thoughts, which will affect my feeling and thus the outcome.  I should choose positive thoughts, I should choose God, because those makes me happy and makes me feel good.  So I am chewing on this.

 photo IMG_6548_zps082871e4.jpg
This is my view.

 photo IMG_6547_zps7febe3ee.png
Then I saw this.  Another perspective which is great.

 photo IMG_6533_zps26287503.jpg
I think I posted this yesterday, but let's look at it again.  So cute.  She is so dorky.

 photo IMG_6556_zpscabb13dc.jpg
This is from this morning.  She is wearing a dachshund this morning. :D

 photo IMG_6543_zpsa8e4cb98.jpg
I have received this shirt yesterday.  TOOOOOOO CUTE!

 photo IMG_6513_zpsf8c4db93.jpg
More lippie swatches.  I finally opened my tube of French Toast and thought I would compare some "similar" shades.