Monday, July 27, 2015


This weekend is nice... sort of.

First of all, the weather is definitely more bearable, which I like.

I went to my "girly" annual visit on Saturday.  I haven't have one for a few years, thought I might just suck it up and get it done again.  And I am glad they open on Saturday.  The place was easy enough to find.  The staff were nice, the "procedure" was not fun.  But we got it done. I even got a tetanus shot.  My arm still sore.  Who knew!  And since that day aunt flo was also visiting, I am almost afraid to have to return to have get the pap done again.  But all seems good.  So I am grateful.  But I have been PMS-ing and have been in bad mood.  Ha.  Went to Whole Food for lunch with the fam.  It was ok.  I had seafood gumbo, it was too spicy.  Gah.

Went to Daiso later that after to get a accordion folder for my stickers. I used to have a few before all these planner craze is going on.  Forgot what's the rest of the evening was.

Sunday I went to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I did after a long absence.  I love it.  I miss it.  It is far, but it was a familiar place and lots of changes have happened.  I only stayed for the morning worship service though.  Went to Uwajimaya and Kinokuniya after that.  Of course!  Bought a lot of the stuff I need.  Lots of snacks.

 photo IMG_6852_zps29ec6fc2.jpg
At least my Detective Conan is current, finally. Couldn't find a lot of the books, they have rearranged a lot of the stuff. The cashier said to ask them next time if I can not find the books, because sometimes they "hide" them. And the page markers are so cute, BUT they don't stick very well. The $1.5 markers I got from Daiso are even better than these. Guh.

 photo IMG_6856_zps85056458.jpg
So this is what this week's page will look like. :)  STILL trying to figure out my style.

 photo IMG_6851_zpsd11b0f6c.jpg
The Gi and I. She is the best.

I am getting 3 packages today.  Mwahahaha.