Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Current eczema routine Summer 2015

Shocking news:  my eczema is acting up again.  Gah.

We all know (assumption here) that eczema can not be healed, but on managed.  So mine is back again.  I don't know the reasons.  I wish I knew so I can be proactive about it.  So winter is usually due to cold, drying weather.  And summer is due to heat?????????  I don't know.

So this time are my hands, arms and my legs.  My hands are cracked on my finger tips and they hurt.  Some of them were not cracked, but was itchy, so I rub them against my towel after shower and ripped a bunch of my skin on my fingers.  So that turned from itch to pain.  Yay.  :/  And my arms and legs have small patches all over and are quite itchy. 

So I am now just started on a diet and also topical routine (well, updated).

I will just talk about the topical part in this post.

For washing. I use MetaDerm wash.  I use it for face and body.  I also have a bar of Chagrin Valley soap too.

For moisturizing, which I think is the key.  While the shower washes away debris etc, you need to put on moisturizer right after.  After many trials I have figured out my "core" products.  I do use extra stuff here and there to add onto my routine.

MetaDerm eczema spray.  I spray this on before the cream.  I can even spray it on my scalp.
MetaDerm Hyper Moisture cream. I find that I really do like this cream.  It does not immediately stop the itch completely.  But I do feel better after using this cream.

And when I need EXTRA moisturization during bad flare, I add Rocky Mountain Soap Body Butter on top of the cream.
I also use a salve after the spray and before the cream as a "medicine" for the herbal effect.

And I also use various cream throughout the day to keep my skin moisturized.  And to also stretch the life of my MetaDerm cream... I am cheap.  Wish there is an instant miracle cream for eczema, right? ;)