Sunday, August 9, 2015

Long weekend

This is a long weekend for me.  Yay.

No plan.  I am not going anywhere.  I haven't  "gone" anywhere in awhile.  Well, we did go to Ocean Shore last year (which was fun).  Just spend some time with the fam and the Gi.

Anyway, Gigi came to work with me on Friday.  It was fun for her, I guess.  She was busy.  We did perfectly.  No accidents.  :)   We  went out for breaks regularly and we went for longer walks twice.  It was fun.  I enjoyed it.

 photo IMG_7009_zpsc978dbdd.jpg

 photo IMG_7022_zpsb1b45e80.jpg

 photo IMG_7054_zps970b7c33.jpg
The Curious George is not mine.    He is a "pet project" from my coworker.  Gigi is so cute though.

 photo IMG_7046_zpsbefb139b.jpg

These are the stickers I received last week. :)  They are from Alex Studio, Frank Hearts You and Planner Chick Designs.  I love them all.

 photo IMG_7077_zpsf919c93b.jpg 
Went to Cost Plus yesterday and found this.  Too cute.  I put Gigi's extra collar on him too, why not?

 photo IMG_7084_zps3ffef9df.jpg

This is too cute.