Friday, August 7, 2015



I am shocked today, as I have received a convo (lingo on Etsy) from Andrea (Scribble Prints Co)!  Someone saw my whining post about me "being banned" from the FB group (for the record, SPC's FB group was actually deleted by SPC, so I was not banned.), took a screen shot and sent it to her.  I did delete the post shortly after I posted it and then I decided to go on IG to check out if she mentioned anything (I didn't follow SPC on IG then).  Once I saw that they deleted the group, I removed the post.  And I talked to Andrea and we are all good.
The shocking part is that someone actually read my blog, which is nice.  This is my personal blog that I talk about anything I feel like sharing, what is shared here is only my opinion.  Does not mean it is the universal truth.  Just opinion from little old me.  So that's that.

Yesterday I got 2 more sticker packages.  Ha.  Happy Mail.  Sticker Mail!  One from Planner Chick Designs and another one from Planner Kate.  PCD is my favorite shop and this is my 4th or whatever order.  And this time I actually got her rare freebie!  This is a new incentive she was doing.  Whoever got a specific freebie in their package will get a $50 credit to shop shop shop!  And guess what?  I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I actually sort of had a feeling (or hoping???) when I opened my package.  And taadaa!

 photo IMG_6996_zps294fcb2f.jpg 
"Forcing" Gigi to pose with my haul.  The tiny sheet is the rare freebie!

 photo IMG_6997_zpsa589c71a.jpg
This is my first Planner Kate haul.  The washi grab bag is very nice.  I really like that!  The other stickers are nice too.

Last but not least, earlier this week I got a package from MooGoo.  They contacted me earlier last month to see if I am interested in trying out their eczema relief problem.  Of course I said yes.  So I have been testing the eczema cream and the msm cream.  So far both items have been great and I really enjoy them.  The eczema cream has a a physical sunscreen type of texture, you have to rub it in.  But both seems effective to calm my skin, which is great.  I will do a more thorough review later on.  I haven't try the milk wash yet.

 photo IMG_6984_zpsd1fbabed.jpg

I have also made an appointment with a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner for next week. I am excited. I am a firm believer in Chinese herb.  Will share more later.

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