Friday, August 28, 2015


Yay, Friday.  Will be having my brows waxed at the Anastasia Brow Studio tomorrow!  Excited.

Yesterday I went to the TCM again.  It was fine, more herbal tea.  Then I worked from home.  Gigi was quite happy. ;)  Had to go back to the clinic to pick up the herb.  The car was like a zillion degrees and Gigi actually panted.  I know.  Dogs pant. Not Gigi, unless it is REALLY hot.  So the car was very hot. ;)

 photo IMG_7392_zps0561041e.jpg
She is so cute.  Look at that sweet face.

 photo IMG_7405_zpsf7a443a4.jpg
Here is my planner again. ;)  Here is how I use the boxes each day:  top-"Today"... anything that is important, it could be a task or event whatever.  Middle-"To Do" and the last box is "This & That".  I don't have to follow that straightly, but that's the general idea.  I am not the kind that hate white space.  But I have a few boxes that has absolutely nothing in them.  So I used some full boxes.  These I made myself.  I bought the clip art and made my own template (you can learn here).  ThenI added the TGIF speech bubble, which I bought from The Alex Studio and the cute Gigi sticker is from theecplannerkitlady.  So cute and much better than a round sticker, right???  I love that shop.
I have another blank box which I put another full box and a Gigi half box with a bible quote. :)  I am really liking half box, great way to put info and not being too big.  Full boxes are kinda like "wallpaper" to me.

I think that's it for this post.