Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Long time no post

Hello.  Long time no blog.

I want to do a follow up on my TCM experience so far.  I have been to the practitioner for 3 times now (every other week).  I am not all better now, but I do feel my skin changing.  I know that I probably have to go through a few cycles of flare.  Right now I am experience another flare up.  I got clusters of blisters on both of my hands right now.  They can get itchy.  My goal is to leave my skin alone.  Not easy, but I am working hard on that.  The herbal tea is still disgusting.  But at least I don't have to make them myself.  I also have some eczema on my legs and arm too. Meh.

 photo IMG_7579_zps040d5fb4.jpg

 photo IMG_7580_zpsa444ecdd.jpg

Here is a bunch of photo, I will add caption after them. :D

 photo IMG_7473_zps6b541d62.jpg
Using my Gigi sticker (The EC Planner Kit Lady) again.  Love them.  And the hot dog (from Heidi's Little Planner)!!!

 photo IMG_7487_zps2cd1bc3a.jpg
More Gigi stickers AGAIN.  And a dog quote, of course.

 photo IMG_7493_zpsb4fccfe2.jpg
And again.  With a fence sticker as background.  I have found the clip art for the fence, so I bought some and have been hand cutting some stickers.  So cute, though.

 photo IMG_7563_zps378601a3.jpg
And then Gigi with Harry and Hedwig.  Also got all these clip art. Ha. 

 photo IMG_7557_zpse3ed7ea3.jpg 
That was my planning session and my happy mail:  The Alex Studio, Planner Kate, Peanut Butter Taco and Planner Chick Designs

 photo IMG_7542_zps8eaa346d.jpg 
Another creation from my own...the full box, fence and Gigi.

 photo IMG_7564_zps82f44486.jpg
There are balloon stickers, but don't they look like "something else"?
 photo IMG_7518_zps8219087f.jpg
Selfie with my girl. <3 br="">

 photo IMG_7551_zps0882ecbf.jpg
More selfie.

 photo IMG_7539_zpse6d7f33d.jpg

 photo IMG_7540_zps1a03d868.jpg

Colored and cut my hair.

 photo IMG_7575_zps297be425.jpg
Gigi's seasonal card! :D  So adorable. And she is so frosty that makes me kinda sad.

I am re-reading The Surgeon.  This series is now called Rizzoli and Isles on TNT.  I read the book many years ago and just starting to re-read it.  I don't remember much from the book now, so it is cool.  But let me tell you, the book and the tv show is not the same.  The main characters are the same, but just from what I have read so far and from my memory:
Frost is married in the book
There is no Korsek
Gabriel Dean and Jane Rizzoli are married in the book (can't remember which book though)
There is no Casey in the book
Jane's personality is not the same between the book and the tv show.

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