Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Stickers, stickers and more stickers

You are shocked by this?  No way! ;)

Sorry that all these pics are side ways... you can see them better on my IG.  But these are the recent hauls.  All are from Etsy.  And please pretend you are look at them the right side.

 photo IMG_7390_zps4d1ed16a.jpg
This is from LisaVCreations.  This is not from a fast shop (8/14-8/27).  But I was initially looking for some clear rescheduled and canceled stickers.  Why do people use solid one is beyond me.  Don't you want to see what is canceled?  Maybe not.And then I found their dachshund sheet was on sale ($2.5), so I snagged TWO. :D  Bought some sampler sheets too.  Quality is good.  They even have a reward program.

 photo IMG_7412_zps03cc74ad.jpg
This is from The EC Planner Kit Lady and xoMamaPlans (new to me).  The ECPKL was purchased with my backup Gigi stickers, and they were shipped fast as always.  No complain there.  The new shop is a pleasant surprise too.  It is fast and looks quite nice.  But one thing I never understand is that this is a weekly set.  Why are there only like 4 checkbox skinny sticker????

 photo IMG_7439_zps10f3c679.jpg
These I got on Monday or so (8/31/15).  Top is from One Orange Snow Flake.  Ordered on 8/12!  I don't understand why it takes so long when it is a RTS shop???  Anyway.  I already got the DW clip art, but it is nice to have someone cut it nicely until I can get my hands on a machine.  I like what I have received... haven't use them yet though.
Bottom is Scribble Prints Co.  This is their seasonal--Halloween and Fall/Thanksgiving and pink lemonade.  They are cute.  But I have figured I actually prefer matte paper, and these are not.

 photo IMG_7440_zps38fcb6a7.jpg
This is my favorite from yesterday.  The right is one of my favorite shop -- Frank Hearts You.  I bought the October kit (I now have like 3 from different shops), the hydrate stickers (so happy they come in the smaller size).  The Halloween dachsunds are a freebie for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  And so are the toasts.  The owner knows I love dachshunds, so (I assumed) they made it for me, I don't see them in the shop yet.  Sooooo happy about them. 
The left one is from a new to me shop -- TheEmeraldBluebird.  I am into half boxes right now (so useful!), so I got 2 sheets and got the guilty pleasure chocolate set.  So cute.  The adorable owls are freebies. 
Both are ordered on 8/28/15, received on 9/2!!!!!

Since I have been in the planner world for awhile now.  Here are my favorite shops... in no particular order:
Planner Chick Designs
Frank Hearts You
The EC Planner Kit Lady

I also like Scribble Prints Co., but like I said I prefer matte paper better.  The Emerald Bluebird is quite nice too, but I have only purchased once.  The Alex Studio and Planner Kate are good too.

 photo IMG_7449_zpsd1a07b63.jpg
Finally get to have some selfies with Gigi.  I have been running late lately and she loved to stay burrowed in her blankie for her morning nap.  And this morning, she waited for me on my bed. :D

 photo IMG_7450_zps90478d95.jpg

She was in "play mood" last night too.  For all 10 seconds.  She was "playing" with the dachshund toy, which is not supposed to be a toy for her (ha), so I stopped her and offered the squeaky to her instead, but I think she likes the dachshund better!  Love her no matter.