Sunday, September 20, 2015

This weekend

I did more planning this weekend.  Not for next week, but the week after that.  Next week's was done, but it was not that great.

 photo IMG_7631_zps0c202903.jpg
This is cute, right?  Almost like a dog theme again.  But I figured my spread will always have lots of dogs.   Lots of doggies here and see hump day sticker?  Love that!  I like half  boxes.  Here are the shops I used:  Planner Chick, Glam Planner, Planner Chick, Anchor Lime Design, Heidi's Little Planner, Oh So Fawn, The Very Crafty Mama, Vintage Gypsy Road, The Alex Studio, Frank Hearts You, Planner Frenzy, The EC Planner Kit Lady, Karonlina's Kraft, The Gifted Pepper.  I think I covered all.  But I didn't mention the clip arts I used  in this spread.

 photo IMG_7632_zps941fbf5e.jpg
Gigi had her nails done yesterday too.  We got them dremeled (sp),  so they are smooth.  I actually like this pic.