Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gigi birthday week

Little Gigi's birthday week was great.

We didn't have a big birthday party or anything crazy.  On her birthday (Thursday), I made her scrambled eggs.  She loves eggs.   And lots of other treats.  On Saturday, I took her to agility.  As you may know she has been an agility athletic for all her life and just recently retired.  She is really good and loves doing it.  She still got it!  I think taking her to class is her equivalent to Disney World. :)  It is nice to run and see old friends.  I had fun too.  And seeing her run and bark etc is great.  I am a sap now.  I feel like crying.  She gave me 12 great years and had taught me so much and gave me so much.

 photo IMG_7925_zpsbhlkckwm.jpg

Such great footage.

I am loved.  I am enough.  I am abundance.