Monday, October 12, 2015

Pink Panda

So I think I have some sort of full blown allergy?  Sometime last week my eyes started to itch and it didn't ease off, so I finally go to the Health Center to have them looked at.  Made the appointment with my favorite ARNP.  I haven't use anything that is out of the ordinary... or least none I can think of.  My skin is already sensitive as is (thanks to Eczema) and I was told allergy (and asthma) is a close relative with eczema.  It sort of make sense to me.  But no matter, I am getting some Zyrtec and some medicated eye drop.  My eyes are pink from all the scrubbing, so I am calling myself Pink Panda.

 photo IMG_7855_zpsdpcofngn.jpg

This is my cutie from yesterday.  Her little tongue and little pink spot on her lower lips.  I woke her up from her nap. :)  She looked so cute that I had to take a photo of her.