Friday, October 30, 2015

What is new

Just want to update how my skin is doing.

It is not doing so good. I have a flare up about a month + ago.  It started with just my palm (the usual kind I get), then it is also on my arm and some on the top of my foot and my legs. The worst is on my palms.  Left palm to be more specific.  Then it is also on the back on my hands.  I do get some healthy patches of skin left there.  Lots of pain and lots of itches.  I have been to the TCM 5 times already and I don't see any visible (or wow) improvement. I am sure something must have improved some where.  But I feel like it is not fast enough.  I am also sure my eating habit is not helping.  As I understand the healing should be from the inside. So now the back of my hands are horrible looking.  Today they are not as painful as last week.  And I am trying to keep track of everything.  Oh and on top of all these.  And 2 or 3 weeks ago my ears are suddenly all itchy and then my eyes (all puffy and red and skin around them are all sensitive) too.  WTF.  The eyes I could blame on allergy, but the ears.  Anyway, I am just sick and tired of all these crap.

For relief, I have been using my MetaDerm, which provide some comfort, but not strong enough.  I also use face oil from Chagrin Valley.  I also just bought some fresh emu oil (which seems to help quite a bit too!).  I am using everything I have to help my skin.  The most difficult part for me is to eat clean. :(  God help me.

And yes, I have made a little sticker for me to keep track of my skin.  LOL.  I am still going strong with my planner.  It is fun and functional.  So I am enjoying it a lot  At some point I may want to make my own stickers??????????

Anyway......... that's all I have for now.

OH and I am reading the new gender reversed Twilight.  I am almost done.  It is kind of a fun read. :)  And when I am done with this book, I have fulfilled my reading challenge with GoodRead.