Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Discovered this morning that our water heater was off again.  Second time this month.  It likes to do stunts like this from time to time and it is quite new too.  Unfortunately I didn't take a shower or wash my hair this morning.  Grrr... I tried, but it is just too cold.  I think it was off during the middle of the night.  And of course I am the only one who has to fix it.  Just like I am the only one who has to take the garbage and recycle out, vacuum the house and clean everything freaking thing and not to mention has to park outside.

But I have Gigi.  The best thing in the house.  So I win.  And she loves me too.  So, double win.

I also forgot my iPod at home today. :(  I switched bag... of course I will forget something.  I alsooooooooooooooo forgot my lunch too.  Woohoo. :/

I did, however, remember to bring 2 pairs of gloves.  One pair is too small and snug for my eczema hands.  Peeled off a bunch more loose skin this morning too.

To add further annoyance to the day.  I finally have one of my favorite sticker shop to do a custom for my Gigi stickers (yes, I want alllllllllllllll the Gigi stickers I can get)... and someone bought my listing!  The listing has my name on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What?  :(

On the thankful front:  my lunch was yummy.  Chicken Vietnamese sandwich.