Sunday, November 15, 2015

More Gigi stickers

I am having a headache right now.  Sort of at the base on the left side.  Gah.

On Memorial Day, I took Gigi for a Starbucks run.  I let her sit in the front with me.  She almost never sit in the front all by herself (safety reasons).  And of course she wanted to sit on my laps. 

 photo IMG_8165_zpsoyyfihby.jpg
I really like this pic of us.  :)

 photo IMG_8140_zpscwvlmirx.jpg
My face is  sort of back to "normal".  My hands and arms are still icky looking though.  I also called to cancel my appointment for this coming Thursday.  I have already spent over $1000 on it.  I can't bottomlessly keep doing it.

On an exciting note, I got my Gigi sticker set from Frank Hearts You!!!!!!!!!!!  So adorable.  I also ordered a few other sheets too.  Her stuff is cute.

 photo IMG_8160_zpsbb8kfztu.jpg

 photo IMG_8162_zps62tiovms.jpg

 photo IMG_8156_zpslrzb8fms.jpg 
Isn't this the cutest?????  I am amazed at their great work, creativity and generosity.