Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What's new

I took Monday and Tuesday off.  It was fun yesterday.  And today I want to rest.

I am done with my Christmas shopping too.  Whoop.  Even got Gigi present too. ;)  Not sure if anyone like them though.

I also finally finished Scooby Doo on Netflix.  I like to watch "silly" shows and this one is interesting.  I didn't expect how the storyline shifts.  Interesting.

 photo IMG_8349_zpsj00qsrxd.jpg
Selfie with my sweet baby.

 photo IMG_8424_zpsx1rqkxyb.jpg
I love how good Gigi is at the parents house.  She is very well behaved, but they are all freaked out that Gigi would "ruined" their house.  Whatever.  Isn't she cute?

 photo IMG_8380_zpsyxwmmwoy.jpg
Merry Christmas.  How cute is this pic. :D

 photo IMG_8443_zpstgloxn5c.jpg
We played ball the other day.  It is always fun to play with her.  To play WITH her.  My cutie pie.
And look at the stickers. :D


Here is a sneak peek of my November/December 2015 favorites.  If I have the mood, I would make a fancier post.
There are many many products/companies that I use on regular basis and I may not include them here, but they have a special place in my heart.  I may have forgotten something, but here are the ones I remember and worth mentioning.

Planner stuff:
  • Planner Chick Designs--Fast shipping, great removable stickers, great customer service. And I got a great sheet of custom she made for me.
  • Frank Hearts You--Fast shipping, great removable stickers, great customer service. Friendly shop owners and they made me an amazing set of Gigi stickers!!!
  • Sweet Ava's Paper--Great "clip art", not your usual same old clip art design. I especially love the dachshund and the dog sheet. I also like their "glossy" paper.
  • Planner Kate--I love her mini bookmarks and her functional stickers are awesome. I also like her pre cut washi.
  • The EC Planner Kit Lady--She is the first one who made my Gigi custom stickers. Love. Her other stickers are great too. Fast shipping and great CS and stickers in general!!!

Beauty stuff

  • A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz.  I got this in audible book. I think I bought it because it was on sale.  I don't think I have read any books from Mr.  Koontz.  But I REALLY love this book.  It is great!  I may even try to read his other books.
  • In Death by JD Robb.  I love this series and am currently re-reading the whole thing.