Monday, January 18, 2016

Some things happened this weekend

The weekend is not long enough especially when our sleep was crappy.

 photo IMG_8964_zpsnoqbapkm.jpg
I decided to pain my nails. I really love it despite my nails are kind of icky. But my left pointer finger became painful after awhile, so I decided to remove the polish. That finger and my middle finger have split and peel, so I have to cut it really short. But I love the colors.

 photo IMG_8970_zpsbfig5u8a.jpg
I bought a few liquid lipsticks earlier. Because they are all the rage.  I bought a few... 2 from ColourPop and an Ofra one.  I tried one of ColourPop a week or so ago, it didn't turn out that great and then I forgot about all these.  Then I decided for this long weekend, I would try them again.  And I remember I have this Ofra one I want to try.  I picked Pasadena and I am glad I did, because this color is gorgeous and very YLBB on me.  My first impression is that this is quite mousse-y.  It is easy to apply and feel very comfortable.  I really like it.

 photo IMG_8987_zps8a5fhtxs.jpg
I tried Beeper from ColourPop today, because why not.  First off, it is at least half off when compared to Ofra.  It is much more liquid and I definitely feel dry on my lips.  And I always use a lip balm.  I definitely feels dryer.  Also, Beeper is more brown than Pasadena.

 photo IMG_8988_zpssw8jdnwh.jpg
Took this today.  Can't rotate it for some reason, but she is so adorable.