Friday, February 12, 2016

This week.

TGIF!!!  This week has been going by smoothly.  I mean it has its share of challenges, but that's life and that's what makes it interesting.  But everything will fall in place.  I am thankful for that.  Let's get into the show and tell.

 photo IMG_9292_zpscvir5tlr.jpg 
Took Gigi to visit Little Billy.  I am not going to elaborate "Little Billy" now.  It is a code name.  Some day I will.  It went fine and Gigi was happy.  Isn't she the cutest?  Her ears! :)


 photo IMG_9314_zpsglu45h8q.jpg 
Love taking selfie with this girl.  

 photo IMG_9329_zpsdmdaymwc.jpg
Here are some of my most frequently used dachshund stickers.  The illustration of (the actual) Gigi is by doggiedrawings and then made into stickers by The EC Planner Kit Lady (top 2nd and 3rd from the left) and Frank Hearts You (lower left corner).  Here are the links to the rest that is shown here.  The upper top right ones is a custom I requested from TECPKL as well, but the image is from clip arts, but this is not listed in her shop.

The rest:
Once More With Love.  Their own design.
Frank Hearts You.  Their own design.
Planning Made Easy.  I am pretty sure they use clip art.
This Very Crafty Mama.  I don't see it in her shop now, but I am pretty sure it's from clip art.
Sweet Ava's Paper.  Adorable clip art.

I have bought others from Etsy too, but some of them don't even look like dachshunds.
I also have the following, but I didn't include in the pic above, because there was no room for it.
This and this.