Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter weekend

Happy Easter!
Friday we only need to go to work half day, but I got a headache after work.  And today my  left shoulder hurts because I slept funny last night.  Fail.  And I keep dreaming about making my own stickers last night too.

 photo IMG_9908_zpsze7vgoyb.jpg
Happy Easter from Bunny Gigi.

 photo IMG_9925_zpsp1kglu3i.jpg
This has now become a classic for me.  LOL.

 photo IMG_9947_zpsnww6hqja.jpg
She found a sunspot. :)

 photo IMG_9928_zpsf2rhrjku.jpg
My new Swell bottle.  I went  to Target 2 weeks ago right after I saw a pic on IG, but I don't see it at  the shop.   But I saw it on Friday.  So I bought it.  It keep the temperature really well.

 photo IMG_9924_zpsnemeetbj.jpg
Busy in the office.

 photo IMG_9939_zpsmrodbfwq.jpg
And I ordered a Portrait last week.  Yes, I did.  And I ordered a new printer this morning.  There is an old printer that the old man got from his BIL  (because he is greedy).    He put it in the top shelf in the garage, how can I retrieve it without a ladder?  Plus it has not been used for a few years.  Anyway, I have been practicing the software this morning.  I think I finally got a better understanding of how this works.  Thanks YouTube videos.