Monday, March 7, 2016

Random thoughts... 20160307

Just things that pop up my minds during the weekend and today.  My mind can be very active and wild.  It can be good and bad.

  • I like Colourpop's price point and their color choices and their packaging.  But I do not love their formula.  They are too dry or they are just not "my type"... just that I do not reach for them.
  • For liquid lipsticks, I love my Ofra Pasadena.  It is easy to apply, feels good on my lips and I love this particular color.  I did good in picking the color.  It is always a hit and miss when you buy online.  It looked one way on the screen and it looked a second way in the tube when it arrived and a totally different color on the lips.  LOL.
  • Gigi will always be my baby.  Just like human... no matter how old their kids are, they will always be that little baby.
  • I am sometimes scared for my health... but I am learning to trust in God totally.  Don't scared of everything.
  • I like Crazy Rumors once I rediscovered it, but then I remember why I don't like it so much.  It's very smooth in application and I love the flavor I picked (hot cocoa and plain), but after some time, I felt dry on my lips... that the lip balm is gone on my lips.
  • I need to get a grip on my financial.  -- I enjoy financial freedom.
  • I need to be a better person. -- I am a good person.
  • I need to be more organized. -- I am an organized person.  Everything is neat and have its own place.
  • I need to appreciate everything more. -- I show appreciation in everything.
  • I need to pray more. -- I love praying.
  • I need to have more quiet time. -- I enjoy spending time with myself reading, listening to music, reading and meditating.
  • I love my Gigi.
  • I enjoy planning and using all the stickers.

 photo IMG_9586_zps7fchpcgz.jpg
Oh geez.  This is last week's spread.  By yesterday it was much fuller.  As I always started with a "base" and then I add on throughout the week.  This week I have to add boxes for Gigi everyday because I need to track her when she refused to eat her breakfast yesterday. 😔 This planner has become more than a planner. It's a journal, a diary, a scrap book, a tracker etc. 
I still use my Google calendar for notification, which I find super useful.  Since I don't carry my planner and don't look at it every hour.

 photo IMG_9608_zps1mnf1e7b.jpg
Saw a rainbow.  Actually saw it twice last week.  Love them.

 photo IMG_9663_zps2a1oy6xq.jpg
My new diamond ring.  Ways to spend money.  Isn't it cute?  I like it a lot.