Monday, March 14, 2016

Sick day

I took today off as sick day. I wasn't feeling my best.  I  overworked over the weekend.  When you are the only one who did anything for the house.  It is not as easy.  The roommate always ask ask and ask for things.  But when it comes to paying me back utility (for example)... it has been 2 weeks and I got shit from her.  I have already paid everything last month.  Anyway, she does not deserve attention from me.

It was stormy over the weekend too and the power went out for a few hours.  Gah.  On top of that the smoke detector started beeping.  And of course, I am the one who has to fix that.  Because the frucking roommate is the princess.  Barf.  Anyway, one thing that REALLY freaks Gigi out is the beeping of the detector.  It is so strange that she got so scared.

 photo IMG_9739_zpsiancth6o.jpg
She and her drawing. :D  

 photo IMG_9740_zps4sikgi5g.jpg
We were visiting "the house" and I now make it a point to have Gigi pose at various place in there.  LOL.

 photo IMG_9752_zpseonw8djw.jpg
Just resting?

 photo IMG_9767_zpsn0za7okg.jpg
We got a box from Frank Hearts You.  I was thinking I was pretty sure I didn't order a full box of stickers.  LOL.  She also sent me some goodies.  Thanks Wendy!  And Gigi was screening the box for me.

 photo IMG_9779_zpsmzwrmywd.jpg
This was me going to Target trying to get some food today... that's before I was feeling worse.  I was going to get some Zyrtec... but I forgot.  Must write down my shopping list.  I like these new sun glasses.  Got them from Amazon.  I just wanted some really big one that covers half of my face and these one fit the bill.  It felt quite comfortable.  It curved to my face.  I like it.  It arrives very fast too.

I am finally (almost 9pm) feeling better. 

I hate daylight saving.

I dislike the roommate

I love Gigi.

I really enjoy planning.

The end.