Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekend life

The weekend was almost over and I am not too excited about this.  Boo.  The sausage puked at 4am on Sunday and it was not fun.  It is never fun when you are waken up by gagging sound.  But she seems ok today.

 photo IMG_9816_zpsxitaqlip.jpg
This is one of the "art" that I made with clip arts I have bought.  I kinda like it with all the dachshunds. :D

 photo IMG_9825_zpsbjr7t3lm.jpg
So I started using my pocket size traveler's notebook and Little Dog Paper Co. sells them, so I bought a few sets.  And each sheet comes with the bottom branding part.  The cute chihuahua is so tiny.  The tag is the size of a quarter for reference.  So that sticker is tiny.  I like miniature things.  Adorable.

 photo IMG_9832_zpsdk9ccwdd.jpg
Ice cream time is good time.  This is organic ice cream called Three Twins (I think).  It is yummy.