Sunday, April 3, 2016

This weekend. 20160403

What a week!

The story...
This week Gigi was "off" and I can't really tell why.  Like she is slow.  Then on Friday we went for a walk.  She yelped after the walk when I was trying to take off her Wonder Walker.  The clasp is close to her armpit.  I was a bit annoyed as to why she was complaining.  Then yesterday (Sat), she yelped again when I tried to put a jacket on her (through her nose).  That's when I realized there is something wrong with her.  And of course there is nothing with Banfield. :(  Fortunately, there is a spot at Cascade Pet Hospital.  We did xray and will know more definitely on Monday.  Because radiologists don't work on weekend.  She seems fine when she is walking on flat surface, so I let her do that a little.  And I am afraid of picking her up, because I am not sure exactly where she hurts and how I should carry her.  It seems it is more around her neck/shoulder area.  She is taking 3 meds.  I had a hard time feeding her her med.  But I found egg yoke works great with her.  Sigh.  I thought she is one of the lucky dachshund that will not have any back issue.

 photo IMG_0002_zpstzztigzq.jpg
At the vet.

 photo IMG_0005_zpsppwma1fx.jpg
At home resting.

 photo IMG_0006_zpsfhw2cnk7.jpg
My sweet baby.

 photo IMG_9975_zpsm098ynyz.jpg
Earlier this week. She chose that far away spot to do number 2. LOL.

 photo IMG_0015_zps3nhkocye.jpg
This morning enjoying the sun and the cutout I made. So cute!!!!!

So I finally bite the bullet and got a Silhouette Portrait, because when I was browsing the net, it was on sale, so I just bought it. And since then I also got me a printer (and the ink is more expensive than the printer itself). It is so much fun. I downloaded the software before I even got the machine and after I ordered it, I started seriously watching YouTube videos. So I am doing ok with this toy. Still need to name it. ;)

 photo IMG_9988_zpsq1g3xora.jpg
This is my third or 4th cut. The first one was a fail, because of wrong cut center. The 2nd one was ok, but not the best. The 3rd one I didn't put the blade in correctly, so nothing was cut. LOL. So this is the 4th.

 photo IMG_9996_zpsuwwj2zjt.jpg
This is my favorite. My favorite "compound" image I made and sticker I cut. :) So adorable. Made with clipart I bought and image drawn by doggiedrawings.