Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just stuff

Just a little show and tell...

 photo IMG_0725_zpsd48cs0xg.jpg
Just part of my decorating of this week's spread.  Using mostly my creation.  The Gigi sticker was printed by Frank Hearts You.  I believe she uses something very similar (if not THE same) to Online Label's weatherproof matte.  I really like that paper, because it shows off the color very good.

 photo IMG_0723_zpszcxcwoar.jpg
And we have skinny foiled washi.  I don't use my washi enough.

 photo IMG_0721_zps4z3bt4ev.jpg
That's my baby doing number 1.  I let her out in the yard and decided to take a pic of her and then she started this. :)  She always pees like a boy.  Since she was a baby girl.

 photo IMG_0719_zpsxifxzl6m.jpg
Just being cute and adorable and frosty.

 photo IMG_0713_zps912xrrif.jpg
Some things I like.