Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Life update... sort of

This 2 weeks I have been feeling good.  Felt good and connected.  Not as connected as I would preferred (need more quiet time--prayers, flowdreaming, bible study etc).  But I have time to relax and think.

The roommate was gone out of town and I REALLY enjoy my time at home.  I have the house to myself and Gigi and I can do whatever I want whenever.  I can clean and organize (which I somehow is the only who does that in the "common aread".  Maid?) and can expect it to last.  I can lounge in the sofa however I want.  I feel peace with almost minimal negative feeling.  Without the negative visual, I can relax and feel good.

I love my alone time A LOT.  I know I am also lonely a lot, but I prefer it over to being with people I don't like.

So much on my mind.  Sometimes I feel lost and I don't know what to do.  I have worries and dark moments.  But I am grateful that I often get inspirations from God and I see the peek of the light.  And I don't feel as gloomy.

Anyway, enough of stupidity.  Some pictures.  Shockingly I don't have much of Gigi's photos.

 photo IMG_0969_zps4ziu5zmq.png

 photo IMG_0953_zpss7uqey5f.png

 photo IMG_0944_zpsfyyv94vu.png