Friday, July 8, 2016


TGIF!  Yo yo yo.

Bought ticket to see Finding Dory on Sunday.  Hoping to just chill and do nothing on Saturday, but I will be doing housework.  And if things work out, Gigi will be doing agility on Saturday.  It will be great.  She loves agility.

 photo IMG_1429_zpsy9gfapnn.jpg

 photo IMG_1428_zpsdnbd7tpg.jpg
She looked so cute the other day.  These were right after I woke her up from her morning nap.  Since mama has to go to work to support this family.  She didn't want her photo taken, but who is the boss? ;)

 photo IMG_1425_zpswctlmuqo.jpg
I am getting better in making stickers from real photo.  The key is to use the eraser in Silhouette.  At least that's how I do it.  I looooooooove making stickers.