Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August Favorite

August 2016 Favorites

+All items mentioned in this post were purchased with my own hard earned money, unless otherwise stated.
+All opinions, dry humor, sarcasm, bad English and skin issues are purely my own at the time of the posts and they are all subject to change without prior notice.
+None of the links are affiliated links unless otherwise stated.

Planner stuff:  Still mostly making.
  • Bubba Bear Studio.  This one of the new ones I got lately.  I enjoy the ones I bought (1 kit and 2 sheets)

Health/Beauty stuff
  • Balm dotcom.  I have the coconut variety.  It's the petroleum type (not sure if that's one of the ingredients) of lip balm.  But I don't hate it.  I peeled everything off my lower lips over the weekend (fun though and almost "worth it" until I ate something acidic... but that's another story) and I slathered it on my lips and I felt great.

Books:  You can find both books from Amazon.
  • Leverage--The Con Job.  I didn't know they have books!  I am not surprised, just forget to look for them.  Since a lot of TV shows do have books.  Well written and I feel like I am "watching the show"
  • God Gets a Dog.   I admit I bought it because it has a dachshund on the cover.  Ha.  But it's a really fun read and makes me cry a few times.  If you are a dog lover, you would appreciate it.  If you are christian, you would appreciate it.  Heck, you don't have to be neither one and it's still a great read.

  • The Librarians.  New to me show, it already have 2 seasons out, so I am buying them from iTune, since I don't have cable and this works out fine for me. The show has lots of magic elements in it.  My kind of show.