Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eczema update

I am still dealing with it.  I have my good days and my not so good days.  I suck at the elimination diet.  I am going to work on it for real.  *bangs head*


I got some new MetaDerm cream.  It is the Hyper Moisturizing cream.  They have reformulated it and I am still not entirely sure how I like it.  I have only used it for 2 days or so.  But I can tell you it is not as think and it seems more "greasy".  It is not greasy, but it feels more that way.

 photo IMG_1948_zpse6q3i1pf.jpg

 photo IMG_1949_zpsevorwgyi.jpg

I find that since it's more "greasy" (for lack of better description), I need less!

Texture is definitely more "greasy" and less firm thick than the original formula.  It seems to work just as fine as the original formula though.