Monday, September 26, 2016

As of late...

The weekend came and gone quickly.

Didn't do anything that is too crazy.  Making stickers, spending time with Gigi, watching shows, thinking about Christian Kane etc etc.

Oh, I did ordered a iPhone 6S+.  I know, I know.  Why not get a 7?  And why suddenly a phone?  Well, I do not like the lack of audio jack.  And my phone told me I have ZERO mb space left.  I am slightly excited.  This time I upgraded via Verizon rather than at the Apple shop.  We shall see.

Here are some pics...

 photo IMG_2617_zpsx2db40cu.jpg

Me and my baby.  Pic is filtered. ;)  Love the lip color.
 photo IMG_2626_zpsybi2ajzn.jpg
So cute.

 photo IMG_2653_zpsohkjohoa.jpg
More cute stickers.  Love them so much.

 photo IMG_2701_zpsh11qlgqb.jpg
These are nice too.

 photo IMG_2728_zpszimxug14.jpg
She is so cute.

 photo IMG_2702_zpsnxqccyoa.jpg
He is so fine!  And then Gigi next to him.  Sigh.

 photo IMG_2697_zpsja1z4vm1.jpg
My wallpaper.  Love.  Everything I love.  Heh.