Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I don't usually do Man Crush Monday.  But I did it yesterday.  Both Christian and Takuya are hot.  But I love it when they interacted with dogs.  Christian's pic with the husky melts my heart.  I love him. 

 photo IMG_2596_zpsvbzpssg6.jpg

 photo IMG_2595_zps8ins2hcx.jpg

 photo IMG_2588_zpsp9tp6ukw.jpg
And this one.......................

 photo IMG_2583_zpsukugyf4n.jpg

Since I have took a pic with Snapchat's filter, I am hunting for a red lipstick.  So far, I haven't find the one yet.  The one on the left is the Rouge Balm that I really enjoy, but the color is a bit orange, not the red-red I am looking for.   The right one is getting closer, still not "red" enough.  When I tried it on, I put it on bare lips.  It is very pigmented, but it felt kind of drying.  When I wiped it off, my lips felt weird... like a film of something is still on it.  I think it will be better if I put a lip balm first.

 photo IMG_2492_zpsabkbfi0a.jpg