Monday, October 3, 2016

Very random thoughts

just things...............

Every morning after Gigi ate her breakfast, we will go back to our room and Gigi will have her morning nap while I take a shower or whatever I need to do in the morning.  Lately, every morning after we got into the room, she would stare at a table in the corner where I have a little container of treats.  I know that's what she is looking at and she is willing the treats to fly into her mouth.  So this morning I pretend to give her a treat, but I was giving her a dime.  She actually tried to eat it!!!  She is not the kind of girl that will eat any non food item.  I was shocked.  Good thing I had a grip of it, and I took it back before she did anything.  What I believe is she trusted me to actually give her a treat from that table (though I have many variety of things there), so she didn't question what I actually have in my hand.  I love her trust in me and that also reminds me I shouldn't try to trick her. ;)  She did get some real treats after that.

These are some things I find awkward/rude... For the ease of telling the story, "I" means me and "you" refers to the other party; not YOU, literally.  And they are all different people in all the cases.

Case 1.
I invited you to come see my new office.  When you also open some of my drawers!  And actually READ what's on my calendar on the wall and ASKED me what they are and I wrote them in Chinese for a reason.

Case 2.
It's my turn to drive and I told you the song on the radio has a dachshund in the MTV.  You searched it on your phone immediately and played it loudly without using your headphone while the song is still playing in the car.

Ok, so I can only remember 2 of these events.  It's weird to me.  I always try to keep distance with colleagues.  We could be a bit friendlier than just coworkers, still I am not comfortable in sharing all the details.

It could be just me... but I thought it was weirdly interesting.

I have finally upgraded my phone.  My iPhone 5S is about 2 years old, I think.  I upgraded to an iPhone 6S+.  Yup, not a 7.  Because I still want an old fashion jack.  I looked at the specs between the 2... not HUGELY different.  And it is also slightly cheaper.  How come phones are so expensive?  This will last a very long time, like my 5S.  The main reason I upgraded was because it was running out of space.  As in ZERO mb memory.  After I ordered my phone, it slowly creeped back up to 1GB.  What's wrong with you?  I like my new phone.  Got my cover (Otter Box Commuter, I think) and screen protector from Wally.  I ordered some online.  I got my phone last Wednesday (I think) and I still have NOT receive anything yet.  What?  I have no patient, so I took matter into my own hands.  LOL.  I also bought insurance for the phone, my first time as well.  But I read that I can cancel it any time.  So.  I usually take REALLY good care of my tools (aka friends.  Ha!)  But I love it.  I am calling her 黑金剛玫瑰, which could translate to "Black Diamond Roses".  It is a Rose Gold in a black case.  But you can still see hints of the rose gold. :)  My 5S was a gold and on a Otter Box Symmetry white case.  Otter Box's cases are quite nice.  I am still getting used to a much bigger phone.  It's nice though, but it's hard to take a photo with one hand.  Ha.  I still like my new phone though.

I moved office.  Moved on the 23rd.  A totally different building.  Now I get a window and door and all.  I am very happy.  Will post a pic when it's all finalized.  Got rid of a lot of things while packing.  The office is mostly organized and nice looking... just waiting for the plastic floor mat and a new chair.