Friday, December 2, 2016

Red Dachshund Sticker Shop

Long time no post my friends.  Life is going on.  Life is good.  I want to do a little shameless plug here.  If you will take a quick peek, I would appreciate it.

{This is an "advertisement "}

I have been making stickers for months now. I make them for my own enjoyment and sometimes I make them for friends and family. I have sold a few sheets on my Etsy shop, but I was not super serious in selling them, so I only have a few items in the shop.  I can make stickers for a variety of purposes -- planner, calendar, cards, address labels, decorative etc.  Possibilities are limitless. Go crazy. 

Here is something I made for my boss. Today is her birthday and she is home away from her dogs. So I made this little thing to surprise (and to stay on her good side 😂) her. I will turn it into some stickers for her later this week. I love making it and if it makes someone happy, even better. 

 photo IMG_3754_zpsx4wdzzhu.png

So if you have stickers need, please consider me. I have an IG for my little "shop" (reddachshundstickershop). I will be updating that IG soon, because I am not happy with how it looks right now.

Thanks for reading.

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