Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Hello everyone.

Happy 2017!  I hope you are getting a great start this year.  I certainly intend to. :)

Christmas was pretty good.  I did get sick last week though and we got snow TWICE.  Arg.  Gigi and I are not very fond of snow.  It's pretty to look at from a warm house and that's it.  Gigi got quite a bit of gifts (a nice shirt from grandma and lots of treats).  I  got a nice shirt too and some other things.  No matter what I have received.  I am thankful to the givers!

Show and Tell time!

 photo IMG_4307_zpssbebu23x.png
A little new year greeting from us.  This is not  your usual Gigi image, this was done by the talented "adorkablestickers".  Since it snowed twice, I thought it was appropriate to use a snowy background and the look on Gigi is fitting too. :)

 photo IMG_4306_zpsbcemo5sf.jpg
It was very cold this morning (under 30), but me and a colleague braved and went to Tully's and I got a Peppermint Bark Mocha. It was delicious.

 photo IMG_4240_zps1lw2yqx8.jpg
Chinese New Year is on the 28th (Rooster), so it's also fitting to make some "Chinese" images.  Cute.