Wednesday, January 25, 2017

You can not train old dogs

Oh hey hi.

I definitely do not agree with my subject line.  But I can see why people have that opinion.

Gigi is 13.  And she has always been paper trained.  When she is indoor, that's where she goes.  And when we are out and about, I encouraged her to do it on the grass.  Sometimes at night she would wait by the baby gate asking to go and I can open the gate and she would go downstairs all by herself and came right back to the room when she was done.  Great, right?  Now as she gets older, I don't want her to do the stairs, so I would carry her. 

My parents have a new place and there is no pee pad in the house (well, there is one for emergency).  BUT somehow, I trained a 13 year old mini dachshund to do it in the back yard.  Every time we got to their house, I let her go out in the back yard first thing  and periodically invite her to go and now she would wait by the back door and ask to go out if she need to.  How cool!  But you have to watch her though, if she waited and no one saw it then she would do it wherever.  LOL.  So ideally, it would be great to train her to use a bell or something.  But still.  I think she is the smartest and bestest.  And old dogs can be train!